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How to Sharpen Global Knives

One of the great things about Global Knives is that they stay sharper longer than traditional knives due to the blend of molybdenum and vanadium.  While they do not need to be sharpened often, they do still need to be occasionally sharpened to keep them working their best.  You can have them professionally sharpened, but you can also learn how to sharpen Global Knives on your own with a wheel water sharpener, whetstone, and/or diamond steel.

How to Sharpen Global Knives with Wheel Water Sharpener

For many using a wheel water sharpener is the best way to sharpen Global Knives.  The MinoSharp water wheel sharpener is the ideal choice for sharpening most Global Knives, however it is not suitable for knives that are only sharpened on one side.  There are two different slots for passing the knives through to sharpen them.  The medium grit one is good to start with and then the finer one is used for finishing.

To sharpen Global Knives with a wheel water sharpener, you usually will start with a few passes through the more coarse grit slot.  You then get a finer sharpening by passing it through the finer grit slot a few times.  This is a good process if you infrequently sharpen your Global Knives.  If you do it more frequently, you could probably get by just using the finer grit slot most of the time.

How to Sharpen Global Knives with Whetstone(s)

The process of sharpening Global Knives with whetstone(s) is similar to the use of the water wheel sharpener in that you usually pass the knives along whetstones with varying grits.  There are different types of whetstones you can purchase from rough to medium to fine grit.  Many whetstones come with two different sides, so you can do most of your sharpening with a single whetstone.

To use a whetstone you first have to submerge it in water.  It is recommended to choose one that comes with a rubber base to put it in to prevent it from slipping while using.  To sharpen the knives you pass it along the whetstone at a 15 degree angle until it is sharpened.  Most of the sharpening is done with the rougher side and then you use the finer grit side for finishing.  This is probably the most difficult way to sharpen Global Knives, but with some patience and practice it does provide great results.

How to Sharpen Global Knives with Diamond Steel Rod

Sharpening Global Knives with a diamond steel is probably the easiest way to sharpen Global Knives, although it does not always provide the sharpest results.  Sharpening with a diamond steel is pretty simple like the wheel water sharpening, although it the rod requires you to take more care with the angle of the knife like with the whetstone method.  However, with careful notice and practice it is a convenient one step way to sharpen a Global Knife.  It still is more suitable for more frequent sharpening rather than being done when the knives are rather dull.