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Global Whetstone Review

Using a Global Whetstone is one of the best ways to sharpen a Global Knife.  You can also use a Global Whetstone on other knives, although since they are not made with excellent edge retention of a Global Knife you will probably have to sharpen it more regularly than a Global Knife.

Types of Global Whetstones

  • Fine Grit Whetstone
  • Medium Grit Whetstone
  • Rough Grit Whetstone

Key Features of a Global Whetstone

  • Hardened ceramic powder
  • Ready to use right after wetting
  • Rubber-like base to stabilize whetstone
  • Porcelain slab for rigidity

Global Whetstone Review

Every Global Whetstone is made with hardened ceramic powder.  This helps make them quick and easy to work with, as they are ready to use right after wetting.  By not having to wait a long time for a submerged whetstone to be ready, you can quickly sharpen your knives with a Global Whetstone even when you have just a little extra time before needing to use your knives.  The porcelain slab that the Global Whetstones have also helps make them easier to handle, as it adds rigidity.

One of the best features of a Global Whetstone is the rubber-like base.  The base helps keep the whetstone stable.  Simply place the whetstone in the base after wetting and it will help keep the whetstone still while you use it to sharpen and hone your knife.  This makes it easier to sharpen knives since you do not have to worry about keep the whetstone still.  Of course, keeping the whetstone from slipping also makes sharpening your knives much safer.

Global Whetstones are available in different types of grit levels.  This includes fine grit, medium grit, and rough grit.  Besides just having Global Whetstones that are just a single grit there is also a two-sided Global Whetstone with rough and medium grit sides.  The two-sided one may be the most efficient for sharpening knives, but a fine grit or a diamond steel for the finishing touches helps provide the best end results.

The rough 120 grit is great to start with if the knife is quite dull.  The medium 1000 grit is good for further honing after using the rough or as the starting whetstone to use on knives that are not very dull.  The fine 5000 grit is ideal for using after the medium for final honing or for using regularly to maintain knife sharpness.

Depending on your preferences for sharpening you knives, you might want all types of Global Whetstone grit levels or just one.  If you plan to sharpen your knives very regularly, than you might only need the fine grit or perhaps also the medium.  If you prefer to not have to sharpen as often, you might want a rough grit along with the medium and fine.  Having to go through rough to fine grit to sharpen dull knives does take more time, but it can provide better results.

It may seem overwhelming to sharpen a knife at home with Global Whetstones, but they come with instructions to help you learn how to properly sharpen and hone your knives using a Global Whetstone.