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Global Vegetable Knife

A Global Vegetable Knife can be a versatile addition to your kitchen knife collection.  It is designed for accurately chopping vegetables, but it can also be useful for a variety of other ingredients.  The shorter 5.5 inch Global Vegetable Knife is especially useful for smaller kitchen cutting tasks for those that use a longer Chef’s Knife as their main kitchen knife.

Key Features of a Global Vegetable Knife

  • Broad Blade
  • Thin Lightweight Blade
  • Finger Notch
  • Seamless Blade and Handle Design
  • Made with CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel

Types of Global Vegetable Knives

  • 5.5 inch/14 cm Global Vegetable Knife
  • 7 inch/18 cm Global Vegetable Knife
  • 7 inch/18 cm Global Vegetable Knife Hollow Ground

Global Vegetable Knife Review

The Global Vegetable Knife comes in two different lengths.  The 5.5 inch is great for those with smaller hands, as can be a little easier to handle.  The shorter length is also good working with smaller vegetables.  The longer 7 inch Global Vegetable Knife is also great for making precise cuts and some may prefer it for the extra length that can make it somewhat more versatile.

The broad blade design of the Global Vegetable Knife helps encourage slicing motions to better cut a vegetables, especially larger ones.  The blade design also makes it easier to fan or spread vegetables.  While some vegetables may be better cut with a versatile Chef’s Knife, the shorter and wider Global Vegetable Knife blade allows for more precise cutting.  The blade design especially helpful when cutting vegetables like tomatoes and carrots.

Like many other Global Knives, the typical Global Vegetable Knife is made with a thin lightweight blade.  This feature is quite ideal for a knife meant for cutting vegetables, as it helps make it more effortless to cut veggies precisely.  The lightweight is really nice when you are chopping up a lot of veggies as it reduces fatigue.

The sharpness of the Global Vegetable Knife also helps minimize the effort it takes to cut through even tough veggies.  They not only comes very sharp from the factory, but Global Knives also have excellent edge retention thanks to the molybdenum and vanadium content.  To restore the sharpness after awhile, you can quite easily learn to sharpen the Global Vegetable Knife on your own with a diamond steel, whetstone, or wheel water sharpener.  Depending on much you use the knife, you can usually keep it sharp by sharpening it only once a week to once a month.

Since the Global Vegetable Knife is very sharp, the handle design that helps provide a safer grip is really appreciated.  One part of the handle design that improves the safety is the finger notch.  The finger notch not only helps provide a more secure grip, but it also can be helpful in guiding the nice for more precise cutting of vegetables and other foods.  The dimples in the molded handle of the Global Vegetable Knife also  improve the grip by helping to prevent slippage.  The seamless blade and handle design also makes it safer as it eliminates the problem of handles becoming loose.