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Global Sushi Knife Review

A Global Sushi Knife is ideal for cutting raw meat such as when preparing sushi whether you are doing it home or as a professional chef.  There are different Global Sushi Knife designs depending on knife length preference as well as for right and/or left handed users.

Key Features of a Global Sushi Knife:

  • Right and left handed versions
  • 10 inch and 12 inch versions
  • Lightweight
  • Seamless blade and handle design
  • Hollow sand balanced handle

Global Sushi Knife Review

One of the first things to consider in choosing a Global Sushi Knife is whether you want a right or left hand specific sushi knife or a two sided sushi knife.  Going with a knife that is designed for a right or left handed person means that the knife will only have one side of the blade sharpened.  If you are right or left handed and do not plan to share the knife, than you might prefer to go with the right or left-handed version of the 10-inch Global Yanagi Sashimi Knife.  If multiple people that are left and right handed will be using the knife, than you may want to instead go with the 10-inch Global Two-Sided Sashimi-YO Slicer.  For those that prefer a longer blade, there is also the 12-inch Global Yanagi Sashimi Knife.

Other than what side or sides of the blade are sharpened, the Global Sushi Knives all share most of the same features.  This includes them being lightweight with thin blades and hollow sand balanced handles.  Additionally, all Global Knives have a seamless blade and handle design with a dimpled molded handle.  Finally, they are all come sharp from the factory and are made with CROMOVA 18 stainless steel to help them maintain their edge longer.

A Global Sushi Knife is lightweight with it having thin blades and a hollow handle.  The lightweight helps make it less tiring and easier to handle.  The thin blades also help make it easier to cut thin slices of fish.  More importantly, the thin blades help preserve the flavor and integrity of what you are cutting, which is especially important when working with raw fish for sushi dishes.

The seamless blade and handle design of the Global Sushi Knife is something that could be considered good or bad.  It is good in that it makes the knife more sanitary by eliminating the food strap created where handles and blades are attached.  It also makes the knife lighter and safer without having bolsters that can loosen.  At the same time, though, some find the blade seems too close to the finger notch and handle, which can be dangerous if you are a push style cutter.  However, if you pull to cut as the knife is designed to be used, the danger of slippage can be minimized.

All Global Sushi Knives are made of CROMOVA 18 stainless steel.  This is a blend of 18 percent chromium plus molybdenum and vanadium.  The chromium helps make the knife resist staining, especially if you do not use acidic cleaners when washing it.  The molybdenum and vanadium help improve edge retention, so that the knives remain sharper longer.