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Global Steak Knives Review

For some it may seem excessive to include high quality Global Steak Knives in their kitchen utensils, as cheaper serrated steak knives seem to work just fine.  However, for many once you enjoy the ease of cutting steak with a Global Steak Knife it quickly becomes clear that it is worth investing in Global Steak Knives.

Key Features of Global Steak Knives:

  • Finely serrated edges
  • Available in sets of 4
  • Seamless blade and handle
  • Made using high-tech CROMOVA 18  molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel
  • Bolsters (not common on Global Knives)

Global Steak Knives Review

It is easy to consider any steak knife adequate for steak cutting, especially when it is tableware cutlery and you will need more than one unless you are dining alone.  Sure, pretty much any steak knife with adequate serration can allow you to tear through steak and get it into manageable bite size pieces.  However, it can often take a lot of unnecessary effort, especially as the steak knives dull.  Once you easily cut through steak with a Global Steak Knife it can be pretty tough to go back to mainstream steak knives.

One of the main reasons cutting through things like steak is easier with Global Steak Knives is there sharpness.  Global Knives are known for not only being very sharp from the factory, but the high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel provides great edge retention that keeps the knives sharper longer.  This lasting sharpness is especially important for steak knives, as it can be tougher to sharpen serrated blades than traditional flat knife blades.

The blade and handle design also help make Global Steak Knives excellent for steak cutting.  For one, the seamless blade and handle avoids the common issue of wooden handles becoming loose on steak knives, which can make wooden handled steak knives quite annoying if not dangerous.  Additionally, the blades are thin and lightweight, so it takes less effort to cut.

Global Steak Knives have bolsters to help can make using them more natural and comfortable.  The molded and dimpled handles also add to the comfort while also providing a safer grip.  Lastly, the handles are smaller than the average knife handle making them great for those with smaller hands.

Having a set or more of Global Steak Knives are not only great for family dinners, but for when you have guests over.  Not only can you impress your guests with nice steak knives that do not need to be sharpened as often as lower quality knives, but the special CROMOVA 18 stainless steel helps keep you knives looking great with its 18 percent chromium content that resists staining.

Global Steak Knives Care Notes

To keep Global Steak Knives looking and working their best, you should always handwash them just like all knives.  Just note that to keep Global steak knives looking great, you should not use soaps that contain bleach or acidic ingredients like citrus like lemon, which is common in dishwashing soap.  Also, eventually the knives will begin to dull, but you can sharpen them on your own when necessary with a diamond steel or whetstone.