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Global Santoku Knife Review

While most Global Knives are Eastern style with lighter blades and such, the Global Santoku Knifes are very Eastern as the Santoku knife style is very commonly used in Japanese cuisine.  A Global Santoku Knife is a great versatile kitchen knife with excellent balance, edge retention, and lightweight design.

Global Santoku Knife Features:

  • Thin lightweight blades
  • Seamless blade and handle design
  • Dimpled handle
  • Broad blade with oval hollows

Global Santoku Knife Review

There are different lengths of Global Santoku Knives including 5.25 inches and 7 inches.  The length does not make too much of a difference beyond personal preference.  If you have larger hands, you may prefer the longer one.  Although, even small hands will find the longer Global Santoku Knife quite easy to handle due to the small circumference of Global Knife handles.

Any Global Santoku Knife is great for almost all kitchen cutting.  The knife is very light with its thin lightweight blades and hollow balanced handles.  The lightness of the knife makes it easier to handle efficiently for even tough cutting jobs.

Those used to working with heavier Western style knives may find it takes some time to get used to the lighter Global knives, but many will find the lightness one of the best aspects.  Because the knife is light, there is also less fatigue allowing you to cut more efficiently for longer.  This aspect is especially appreciated when you are preparing a large meal or work as a professional chef.

The balance of a Global Santoku knife also helps make the knife easy to control and less tiring to use.  The excellent balance of a light hollow handle matched with the thin light blades helps make the knives feel like an extension of your hand.

Global Santoku Knives are made with a seamless blade and handle design.  The seamless design makes them more sanitary because there it eliminates the major food trap where the blade and handle meet.  It also helps make the knife more sturdy and safe by eliminating the problem some knives have of the handle becoming loose or worse coming entirely off.

Investing in a Global Santoku Knife may seem like a big upfront investment, but it pays off in the long run.  For one, the reduced effort of cutting with a lightweight knife instead of heavy Western style knives can save you a lot time and energy.  Secondly, the knives are made of a high quality chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium stainless steel blend that provides excellent edge retention and stain resistance.  This means a Global Santoku Knife continues to be sharp and look great with less frequent sharpening than an inferior kitchen knife.

For long lasting sharpness, occasional sharpening with a diamond steel or whetstone is recommended.  This is something that most can easily do at home if you purchase a diamond steel and/or whetstone.  Depending on how much you use your Global Santoku Knife you may only need to sharpen it more or less frequently, but overall it is much less frequently necessary to sharpen than a traditional kitchen knife due to the excellent edge retention.