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Global Knives vs. Ceramic Knives Review

Whether you are getting your first set of knives or looking to replacing your current set with a long lasting knife set, you may find yourself wondering why choose Global Knives vs. Ceramic Knives.  Both have certain pros and cons depending on your personal preferences, although they also have some things in common such as ceramic knives and Global Knives typically have good edge retention (i.e. you do not need to sharp them as often).

Global Knives vs. Ceramic Knives – Cost

Global Knives tend to be some of the most expensive steel style knives available.  However, they are excellent quality knives that can last much longer than cheaper inferior steel knives.  Thus in the end for many Global Knives are worth their extra upfront cost.

Ceramic Knives are available from many different brands.  Thus the quality and cost of ceramic knives can vary greatly.  Typically, though, the more costly ones last longer than cheaper ceramic knives.  Thus the high quality ceramic knives can be a comparable value to Global Knives.

Global Knives vs. Ceramic Knives – Sharpness

One of the best features of Global Knives are their sharpness.  Global Knives are known for their straight from the factory sharpness that can make cutting through things easy.  The CROMOVA 18 stainless steel they are made with also helps keep Global Knives sharp by providing excellent edge retention.  Thus you can do quite a bit of cutting before you need to sharpen the knives.  When they do need sharpening you can do it yourself at home if you purchase an appropriate sharpening tool like a whetstones.

Ceramic knives are also known to typically be very sharp at least when you first get them.   However, depending on the brand they can become quite dull and need to be polished more frequently in order to keep them sharp.  This can be quite inconvenient if you need to send them out to be sharpened, but it might not be too much of an issue if you are do not mind sharpening them yourself regularly.

Global Knives vs. Ceramic Knives – Longevity

Both Global Knives and Ceramic Knives have aspects that tend to make them long lasting kitchen knives.  However, overall it seems Global Knives are better for those that want durable long lasting knives.

Ceramic Knives can also be long lasting knives, but they tend much more fragile.  Since they chip easily, they can quickly become not such a great value by being ruined by a chip.

Global Knives can break since they are of a seamless design, but they tend to be more durable.  Really, though, it comes down to dropping the knife and that is something all knife users should be trying to avoid as much as possible anyways.

Global Knives vs. Ceramic Knives – Knife Styles

Both Global Knives and Ceramic Knives can be found in a variety of styles.  In general, though, ceramic knives tend to be more limited in the types of knives available.  In contrast, there are a lot of different types of Global Knives for different types of cutting including Chef’s, vegetable, utility, and bread knives.