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Global Knife Sets Review

Global Knife Sets are great high quality knives for any kitchen.  Even if you do not cook at home much, having sharp knives can make cooking more enjoyable or at least less frustrating.  Global Knife Sets are even more appreciated when you use knives frequently whether you just cook at home frequently or are a professional chef.

Global Knife Sets come in a few different options. The smaller sets of 3 knives are great for those just starting to outfit their kitchen.  The larger sets of  knives with a knife block are great for the more serious cooks as well as those that just prefer to have more variety of knives for different kitchen cutting purposes.  All Global Knife Sets make great gifts for wedding gifts and/or those moving into their first home.

Global Knife Sets Key Features:

  • Variety of set options including ones with 3 knives and ones with up to 8 knives and a knife block for holding them
  • Knives made with high quality CROMOVA 18 stainless steel
  • Seamless blade and handle design for all Global Knives
  • Long lasting sharpness

Global Knife Sets Review

Global Knife Sets are available in a variety of options to suit different tastes.  Those that like to keep it simple might prefer one of the 3 knife sets.  The 3 knife Global Knife Sets typically have Chef, Utility, and Paring knives.  The size of the knives vary slightly depending on the set, but overall having these 3 types of knives is enough for pretty much all kitchen cutting.

The larger Global Knife Sets with 8 knives and a knife block are ideal for those that prefer to have a wider variety of knives for different purposes, such as a vegetable knife and a bread knife.  The knife block is also a great feature, as it provides a convenient place to store the Global Knives and help keep them in good condition.

Another way different Global Knife Sets are different is whether the knives are typical lightweight thin blade Global Knives or if they are the heavyweight style.  Global Knives is mainly known for their lightweight design of hollow sand balanced handles and thin blades the knives more lightweight.  This makes them easier to use, especially for small hands.  The thin blades are also help preserve delicate flavors.  However, some are more comfortable with the heavyweight style that is more like traditional European knives, so it is nice that they can have the high quality of Global Knives and also have the heavier feel they prefer.

While each knife in a Global Knife set is slightly different, all Global Knives share some basic features.  For one, they are all made CROMOVA 18 stainless steel.  This special blend of steel includes 18 percent chromium, which helps make the knives resistant to stains.  The blend also includes molybdenum and vanadium to provide great edge retention, which helps keep the knives sharper longer.

Another key feature of all Global Knives is the seamless blade and handle design.  The seamless design is great for several reasons.  One benefit is that it minimizes dirt and food traps, so the knives stay cleaner and are easier to keep them in sanitary clean conditions.  The seamless design also makes the knives stay sturdy and last longer because you do not have the problem of the handles becoming lose like with some wood and non-seamless knives.