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Global Knife Roll Review

A Global Knife Roll is a convenient way to store your kitchen knives, especially when taking them places.

Key Features of a Global Knife Roll:

  • 10 or 16 knife pocket designs
  • Durable
  • Pocket(s) to use for some other items

Global Knife Roll Review

Whether you want to transport your knives to cook at a friends house or you are a professional chef, a Global Knife Roll can make transporting knives not only easy, but also safer for you and the knives.  Global Knife Rolls come in different designs, but a few things are the same among the designs.  In particular, all Global Knife Rolls are made to be very durable making them good for frequent and/or long-term usage.  Additionally, they are made of soft material and are zippered to keep the knives in.

Global Knife Rolls are available in different designs including a 10-pocket and 16-pocket design.  Each has some different features making them unique beyond just how many knives they can hold.  For example, the 10-pocket one is simply a roll case with room for little else, while the 16-pocket one also has more space for extra items to be carried with the knives.

The Global Knife Roll with 10 pockets is a convenient way to carry knives when it is the only thing you need to carry with you or have only a few knives that you like to take with you when cooking away from home.  The knife roll is a soft case to help protect your knives.  The knife roll is also zippered to keep the case from unrolling accidentally and thus further help protect the knives.  The case does have different sized slots, so it is good for those that want to use it to carry a variety of knives, however, the slots are somewhat generic and some may find it difficult to arrange their knives how they would prefer, especially if you want to try to prevent large knives from touching each other.

For those with more knives or those that want to carry more things with their knives, then the Global Knife Roll with 16 pockets is likely to be a better choice.  The main benefit of the 16-pocket Global Knife Roll is that it has more storage space.  This includes being able to carry more knives as well as having more room for carrying pens, business cards, or other kitchen tools that you may want to take along with your knives.  Another nice feature of the 16 pocket Global Knife Roll is that it comes with a carrying strap, so you can sling it over your shoulder to transport more conveniently than having to hold it with your hand or put it in another bag.

While the 16 pocket Global Knife Roll does have more space, some may still find that the pockets are too close or small for some of their knives, especially if you carry larger knives.  However, it may be preferable to the 10 pocket if you do not plan to carry 16 knives, as the extra space would allow you to more comfortable arrange the large knives to carry them securely.