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Global Kitchen Knives Review

Global kitchen knives are available in many different types.  While each type of knife is a little different, there are several consistent features for every Global Knife.  For example, they are all made with high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel called CROMOVA 18 stainless steel.  Additionally, all Global kitchen knives have seamless blades and handles.

Key Features of Global Kitchen Knives:

  • Seamless Blades and Handles
  • Dimpled Handles
  • Thin Blade as well as Heavyweight Styles
  • Stain Resistant
  • Great Edge Retention

Global Kitchen Knives Review

Global Kitchen Knives are great knives for all your kitchen cutting needs.  Some styles are more multipurpose than other, such as the Global Chef’s Knives being useful for a variety of kitchen cutting tasks and the Global Bread Knives being manly suited for bread cutting.

All Global Kitchen Knives are made with CROMOVA 18 stainless steel.  This is a stainless steel blend of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium.  The 18 percent chromium content provides stain resistance that helps keep Global kitchen knives looking great.  The molybdenum and vanadium improve edge retention so that Global kitchen knives stay sharper longer and thus reducing how often you have to sharpen the knives.

Global Knives specializes in thin blades and hollow sand balanced handles, but there are also heavyweight styles available for those that prefer a heavier knife.  The thin blade style is great for cutting delicate food items.  The thin blades are also great for thinly slicing or finely chopping ingredients.  The lightweight style Global Kitchen Knives further help with control and make cutting through tough foods easier, especially when Global knife sharpness is maintained.  The lightweight Global Knives also minimize hand fatigue, which is most appreciated when preparing large meals or working as a chef.

Global kitchen knives all have a seamless blade and handle design. This helps eliminate food and dirt traps keeping the knives looking better and more sanitary.  The seamless design also reduces the chance of breakage that sometimes occurs with blades and handles not made of the same piece of metal.

The handles on Global kitchen knives are all dimpled and molded.  The molded handle provides a better grip for safer and more controlled cutting.  Global Knives’ handles also tend to be more comfortable for smaller hands than typical knife styles.  The dimples also improve control and safety by helping to prevent slippage.

Global Kitchen Knives are available in a variety of lengths and types.  The Global Chef Knives are great for most cutting purposes and are ideal for those that prefer a single go to knife for their kitchen cutting needs.  The Global Chef Knives are available in different lengths with the best length really coming down to personal preferences.

For those that prefer having different style and length knives for different types of kitchen cutting, there is a great selection of Global Kitchen Knives to choose from, so you can enjoy the main Global Knives design benefits for different cutting purposes.  The Global Knives sets are especially great options for those that want a variety of high quality Global Knives for their kitchen cutting needs.