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Global G2 Review

The Global G2 Chef’s Knife is a great starter kitchen knife.  It’s 8-inch length makes it a versatile knife for a variety of kitchen cutting.  The well-known Global sharpness and edge retention also make it a great long lasting kitchen knife.

Key Features of Global G2 Knife:

  • Precise hollow handle sand balance
  • Excellent edge retention
  • Seamless handle and blade
  • Molded and dimpled handle
  • Thin lightweight blade

Global G2 Review:

The Global G2 knife is an 8-inch Chef’s Knife.  It is a mid-length knife making it quite versatile.  Some may prefer a shorter or longer knife for certain kitchen cutting tasks, but this is a good knife choice if you want one good quality knife for a wide variety of kitchen cutting.

One of the best features of any Global Knife is the edge retention.  The Global G2 is made with the typical Global CROMOVA 18 stainless steel.  This stainless steel blend contains molybdenum and vanadium, which helps keep the knife edges sharper longer.  It also contains 18 percent chromium, which helps the Global G2 resist staining.

The blade and handle design of the Global G2 makes it a comfortable knife to use as well as aids in making cutting easier and safer.  The knife features a hollow handle that is sand balanced.  The balance helps make the knife lighter and thus easier and more natural to handle.  The molded handle makes gripping more comfortable and safe, especially for those with smaller hands.  Additionally, there is a finger notch for safer knife handling.  The dimples on the handle also improve the knife grip by reducing the chance of slippage, which is very important with Global knives being known for their sharpness.

The thin lightweight blade is another wonderful feature of the Global G2.  The thin blade is not only great for helping make more precise cuts, but it is also ideal for preserving ingredient integrity and flavor when chopping delicate ingredients.  The thin lightweight blade also adds to the overall lightness of the knife making it take less effort to cut through foods.

Another benefit of the Global G2 is that it has a seamless blade and handle design.  Some like this feature just for the aesthetics, but there are other reasons to like the seamless design.  For one, this design eliminates the troublesome food and dirt trap where the blade and handle are connected on traditional Western style knives.  Those concerned about sanitation in the kitchen will especially appreciate this reason.

The seamless design can also keeps the Global G2 knife sturdy and eliminates the problem of handles coming loose or breaking off.  However, since these are high quality steel knives with excellent edge retention they still can break.  Breakage of Global knives usually only happens when they are dropped, which is something you should take a great care to avoid with any kind of knife anyways.

A Global G2 knife is a great investment, especially if you want a good knife for a variety of kitchen cutting needs.  The lightweight aspect and handle design help make it feel like an extension of your hand.  The quality and edge retention also makes it a long lasting knife.