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Global Fillet Knife Review

For efficient filleting of fish and other meat, a Global Fillet Knife is a great knife to add to your knife collection.  The Global Fillet Knife comes in a 8 inch, 10 inch, and 11 inch flexible varieties.

Key Features of Global Fillet Knives:

  • 3 different length options
  • Thin , lightweight, and flexible blade
  • Sand balanced handle
  • Dimpled handle
  • Seamless blade and handle design
  • Made with CROMOVA 18 stainless steel

Global Fillet Knife Review

The Global Fillet Knife comes in three different lengths, so you can choose one that best meets your filleting needs or preferences.  Some find the shorter blade easier to handle for precise filleting, but other may prefer a longer blade, especially if you tend to fillet larger fish or other meat.

All Global Fillet Knives have the thin lightweight blades that Global Knives are known for.  The thin blade allows for more precise cutting, while the lightweight helps make it more effortless to cut and thus less tiring.  Thus a Global Fillet Knife is especially ideal for those that frequently do fillet style cutting.

The sand balanced handle also improves ease of control and reduces the effort needed to cut.  The hollow handle with sand helps shift the balance as you cut delivering a precise balance that continues throughout the filleting process.  This helps make filleting less effort while making the Global Fillet Knife feel like an extension of your hand.

Global Fillet Knives also feature dimpled handles.  The dimples help make the knife easier to grip by reducing slippage.  This helps provide a safer grip, which is an important feature for a knife designed for filleting.  Additionally, the better grip can help save effort as it limits the need to keep adjusting your grip on the knife in your hand.

Each Global Fillet Knife features a seamless blade and handle design.  This seamless design helps make the knife easier to clean.  By reducing the dirt and food trap where a blade and handle meets, the knife also becomes more sanitary.  The seamless design also avoids the issue that some knives have of ending up with loose handles.

Like all Global Knives, the Global Fillet Knives are made with CROMOVA 18 stainless steel.  This blend of stainless steel includes 18 percent chromium along with molybdenum and vanadium.  The chromium helps make the knives more stain resistant, so the knives look great throughout their long life.  Note that you still need to avoid citric acid type cleaners, such as soap with lemon, as those can stain the CROMOVA 18 stainless steel knives.  The molybdenum and vanadium provides excellent edge retention, so the knives stay sharper longer.

While Global Knives are known for their long lasting sharpness, at some point you will eventually need to sharpen your Global Fillet Knife.  This can be done on your own if you purchase the appropriate diamond steel rod sharpener or whetstones, although you can also have them professionally sharpened if you prefer.  Either way ensure that you keep the 15 degree angle, as that is what helps make the Global Knives so great.