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Global Cleaver Review

If you do any cutting of meat in cooking, then the Global Cleaver is a great addition to your kitchen knives.  It is definitely a must have for when you want to cut through bones and/or frozen meat.

Key Features of Global Cleaver:

  • 6.5 inch square blade
  • Seamless bolster-free stainless steel design
  • Lightweight
  • Hollow sand-balanced handle
  • Dimpled handle for safer grip

Global Cleaver Review

Cutting meat can sometimes be the most difficult cooking task, but with well designed tool like the Global Cleaver it can become a rather simple job.  There are several features of the Global Cleaver that helps make it ideal for cutting through meat including if it is frozen and/or has bones.  The main features that contribute to its ability to make cutting meat easier are its sharpness, lightweight, and hollow sand-balanced handle.

Probably the best feature of the Global Cleaver is its sharpness.  It not only starts out really sharp, but the molybdenum and vanadium content also helps it have excellent edge retention.  This means you do not have to sharpen the Global Cleaver as often, which is nice if you do a lot of meat cutting and/or dislike the task of frequently sharpening knives to make them effective.  Plus, it can often be less work to sharpen them when you do due to great edge retention, although not if you put it off a really long time and let the Global Cleaver get extremely dull before sharpening.

The lightweight of the Global Cleaver is another significant feature that makes cutting through bones and frozen meat take less effort.  The lightweight allows you to more easily put your strength into cutting the meat rather than wielding a heavy cleaver.  Thus it minimizes the effort needed to cut meat and reduces fatigue.  This makes it great for when preparing a lot of meat at once such as when stocking up on a great meat deal and making it into smaller portion sizes to freeze for later use.

The Global Cleaver’s lightweight also helps make it easier to cut accurately, which is great for when cutting thin slices or particular portions of meat.  The sand-balanced hollow handle also helps make it easier to cut accurately with the Global Cleaver because it provides excellent balance that makes the knife feel like an extension of your hand.  Thus the sand-balanced hollow handle also contributes to reducing the effort it takes to cut through meat.

A few of the other great features of the Global Cleaver are its 18 percent chromium content, seamless blade and handle design, and molded dimpled handle.  The chromium content helps make the Global Cleaver more stain resistant.  The seamless blade and handle design helps make the knife more lightweight while also eliminating the food trap and loose handle problems of non-seamless knife designs.  The molded dimpled handle makes the Global Cleaver more comfortable to hold including for those with small hands, as it has a small circumference.  The dimples on the handle also help make it safer to use, as they help prevent slippage.