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Global Chef Knives Review

Global Chef Knives comes in a few different sizes and styles.  One of the differences between the different Global Chef Knives is the length of the Chef Knife.  Some may prefer the smaller 7 inch Global Oriental Chef Knife, while others will prefer the larger 10 inch Global Chef Knife.  Mostly, though, the difference in the differences between the different Global Chef Knives is the style, such as Oriental, Hollow Ground, and Heavyweight.

Global Chef Knives Features:

  • High-tech Molybdenum/Vanadium Stainless Steel Blade
  • Stainless Steel Handle
  • Molded Handle for Comfort
  • Dimpled Handle for Safer Grip
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Defects and Breakage
  • Light Oriental Chef Knife and Heavyweight Chef Knife Styles
  • Seamless Blade and Handle
  • Good Stain Resistance
  • Superior Edge Retention

Global Chef Knives Review

Global Chef Knives are great versatile knives whether you are just cooking for yourself or family or you are a professional chef.  The traditional Global Chef Knives such as the Global Oriental Chef’s Knife and the Global 10-inch Chef’s Knife are lightweight knives that make it seem quite effortless to cut through most foods.  The molded handle and sand balance of the traditional Global Chef Knives also help make them feel like an extension of your hand.  Together with the sharpness and edge retention these features help allow you to cut through more with less fatigue, which is great for when your preparing a lot of dishes or make your living as a chef.

For those that are used to heavier European knives and like the feel of the weighty knife, you can enjoy the other great features of Global Chef Knives with the heavyweight versions, such as the 11-inch or 12-inch Global Heavy Weight Chef’s Knife.  The heavy weight knives have more heft and thicker blades.  However, they still feature the excellent balance like the traditional Global Chef Knives, so they are suprisingly easy to control and work with considering their heavier weight.  The extra length also makes it great for larger cutting jobs, although it makes is slightly less versatile, as it can be tough to effectively use with delicate foods.

All Global Chef Knives are made with a special CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel, which is a blend of 18 percent chromium plus molybdenum and vanadium.  The Chromium helps make the knives more stain resistant.  The molybdenum and vanadium provides the knives with superior edge retention.  Thus this stainless steel blend helps Global Chef Knives look great longer and keep their sharpness longer.

Most Global Chef Knives are ground to a straight point instead of being beveled like Western style knives.  This creates a sharper knife edge making it easier to cut through foods, as long as you keep the knife well maintained with sharpening as needed.  Sharpening the Global Chef Knives is best done with ceramic whetstones, which can take a little extra effort to do.  However, since the molybdenum and vanadium help keep the edge sharp longer, you not only get a great sharp knife to start, you also do not have to sharpen the Global Chef Knife as often as a many other knife brands.