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Global Chef Knife Review

When choosing a Global Chef Knife there are a few different options with the difference being the length of the knife.  Depending on your personal preference and the type of cutting/chopping you are doing, you may prefer the short 8-1/4-inch Global Chef Knife or the longer 11-inch or 12-inch Global Chef Knife.

Key Features of Each Global Chef Knife:

  • Chromium/Molybdenum/Vanadium blend stainless steel blade and handle
  • Dimpled handle for safer grip
  • Molded handle for increased comfort
  • Precisely balanced design
  • Seamless blade and handle design to eliminate dirt and food traps
  • Great edge sharpness retention

Global Chef Knife Length Considerations

The shorter 8-1/4-inch Global Chef Knife is easier for working with smaller cutting needs, but it can also nice to have a longer one for cutting larger items.  Thus the mid-range 10-inch Global Chef Knife is perhaps best if you want just one chef knife.  However, the longer 11-inch or 12-inch Global Chef Knife is sometimes more desirable for larger items, as you can keep the tip on the cutting board while cutting things like onions.  The longer knife may seem big, but since the Global knives are so well balanced it still feels rather effortless to use.

Global Chef Knife Review

No matter the length you end up using, a Global Chef Knife is a good versatile chef knife for using in the kitchen.  A Global Chef Knife starts off very sharp and because of the molybdenum and vanadium it has great edge retention to keep it sharper longer.  Yeah, it still needs to be sharpened, but it is nice that it remains sharp enough to handle quite a lot of chopping before sharpening is necessary.

Overall the 8-1/4-inch Global Chef Knife is great for cutting a variety of items, especially smaller things or for smaller hands.  The heavyweight feel is also great for those that like to feel like most European knives.  However, the heaviness makes it a little tougher for chopping more delicate items such as herbs.  The 10-inch Global Chef Knife has the thinner style blade making it an even more versatile chef knife, as it can be better used for larger items and also helps preserve the taste of delicate herbs.

The seamless design is a feature on every Global Chef Knife.  This is great for sanitary reasons, as it keeps dirt and food from getting stuck where the blade and handle connect.  It also makes the Global Chef Knife more durable.  However, some find the stainless steel handle slippery even though it is dimpled.  If you keep the handle dry, though, it tends not to be an issue.

The durability of each Global Chef Knife is what really makes it worth the price whether you prefer the 8-1/4-inch Global Chef Knife, 10-inch Global Chef Knife, or longer 11-inch or 12-inch Global Chef Knife.  Two aspects of the durability are the edge sharpness retention and seamless design as mentioned above.  Another aspect is the chromium content helping it resist staining.  Thus, you end up with a long lasting chef knife that continues to look great and stays sharp with more infrequent sharpening than most other knives.

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