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Global Cheese Knife Review

Whether your a cheese connoisseur or just occasionally slice cheese, a Global Cheese Knife can make cheese slicing easier.  It may seem any knife would be fine for slicing cheese, but a knife designed for slicing cheese can make a big difference in getting good slices, especially when cutting hard cheeses.  Plus, a Global Cheese Knife looks much classier on a cheese platter than a regular knife.

Key Features of Global Cheese Knives

  • Available in 2 styles/lengths (3.5 inches with no holes and 5.5 inches with holes)
  • Superior edge retention
  • Molded dimpled handle
  • Seamless blade and handle design
  • Hollow sand balanced handle
  • Thin blade
  • Lightweight

Global Cheese Knife Review

Both the 3.5 inch Global Cheese Knife without holes and the 5.5 inch one with holes are suitable for cutting a variety of cheeses including hard cheeses.  The one with holes might be more preferable if you want to cut the hardest cheeses, especially if you want thin slices, as the holes help reduce the friction and minimize crumbling.  The smaller one is adequate for softer cheeses and is sharp enough for hard cheeses.  Some just might find it can be harder to get nice slices with it when cutting hard cheeses.

One of the best features of a Global Cheese Knife is the excellent edge retention.  Not only do they come nice and sharp, but the excellent edge retention means you can do more cutting before you need to sharpen it.  This is especially convenient when you are doing a lot of cutting, such as preparing cheese platters for a party or just regularly like to enjoy freshly cut cheese.  Sure, they eventually need to be sharpened, but you can do it much less often than inferior knives and still easily cut hard cheeses.  When they do need to be sharpened it can be done professionally or on your own with the correct tools like whetstones

Another good feature of a Global Cheese Knife is the handle design.  The handle is seamlessly connected to the blade getting rid of the major dirt and food trap created on seamed handle and blade knives.  The handle provides a safer and more comfortable grip with its molded and dimpled design.  It also has a small diameter making it great for small hands.  The handle is also part of what makes the knife easier to cut with, as it is hollow and filled with a precise amount of sand to balance out the weight of the blade and make it feel like an extension of your hand when your cutting with it.

Both types of Global Cheese Knives have thin blades.  The thin blades help make it easier to precisely cut, which can be particularly useful when you want to thinly slice cheese.  The thinness also helps keep the integrity of the cheese.  Additionally, along with the hollow sand balanced handle it makes for a lightweight cheese knife, which adds to the ease of handling the knife and cutting precisely.  The lightness also contributes to making it take less effort to cut even hard cheeses.