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Global Carving Set Review

The Global Carving Set includes an carving knife as well as a carving fork.  There are two different sets available.  One has a straight carving fork and the other set has a curved carving fork.  Both come with similar sized Global Carving Knives (8 to 8.25 inches), so it mainly comes down to what style of carving fork you prefer.

Key Features of a Global Carving Set:

  • 2-piece set (carving knife and carving fork)
  • Available with straight or curved carving fork
  • Forged carving fork
  • 8 to 8.25 inch carving knife
  • Dimpled handles
  • Very sharp knife with excellent edge retention

Global Carving Set Review

With the Global Carving Set’s carving knife and carving fork you can more easily carve meat.  The carving fork helps hold the meat in place.  This allows you to more effectively carve the meat.  Using the carving fork is particularly useful when you are trying to get nice even slices, especially thin slices.  The carving fork is also useful for moving the carved meat to another place and out of the way to make continuing carving easier.

Depending on the try of carving fork you prefer, you can choose either the Global Carving Set with a straight carving fork or the set with a curved carving fork.  Some find the straight ones hold meat more securely while carving, while others prefer the slight angle with the curved fork.  The straight one tends to also be easier to avoid when carving.

While for some any carving fork would do for helping carve meat, but if you want a strong carving fork, especially for long term and/or heavy usage then you will enjoy the forged aspect of the carving fork in the Global Carving Set.  The forged style makes the Global carving fork stronger.  Thus, it can be more effective as well as more durable than stamped carving forks.

The carving fork may not seem like anything special, but the Global Carving Knife does make the carving set stand above most other carving sets.  Global Knives are known for their sharpness and excellent edge retention and the Global Carving Knife in the Global Carving Set is no different.

The sharpness of the Global Carving Knife helps make it easier and more effortless to cut through meat.  Additionally, it has a thin blade, which helps make the knife lighter and thus easier to control and less fatiguing.  The thin blade also helps maintain the integrity and flavor of what you are cutting.

The Global Carving Set is made using CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel.  This is a blend of 18 percent chromium plus molybdenum and vanadium.  The chromium helps make the carving set stain resistant.  The molybdenum and vanadium content help make the edge remain sharper, so you do not have to sharpen the knife as often.

Both the caring knife and the carving fork in the Global Carving set have dimpled handles.  The dimpled handles help make the knives safer to use, as they provide a better grip that reduces the chance of slippage, which is very important with the Global Carving Knife being so sharp.