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Global Carving Knife Review

If you want a good knife for carving meat, then a Global Carving Knife might be just what you want.  Global offers their Carving knives in their traditional Japanese style lightweight thin blade design as well as in a heavyweight version for those who prefer more hefty feeling knives.  Either way you go, you get an excellent quality knife that is sharp and stays sharp through quite a bit of carving.  There are also sets with the Global Carving Knife and Carving Fork, although you probably would be just as satisfied using the Global Carving Knife with any decent carving fork, so the set is really just convenient if you are also in the market for a carving fork.

Key Features of a Global Carving Knife

  • 8.25 inch(traditional)to 8.5 inch (heavyweight) blade
  • Excellent edge retention
  • Hollow sand balanced handle
  • Molded dimpled handle
  • Seamless blade and handle design

Global Carving Knife Review

The excellent edge retention has got to be one of, if not, the best feature of any Global Knife.  This feature is crucial if you do a lot of carving, as you can do more carving between sharpening without having to work with a dull carving knife. This is a nice feature even if you do not do a lot of carving, as you could possibly go a year or more between needing to sharpen your Global Carving Knife.

Another great features of a Global Carving Knife is the hollow sand balanced handle. This provides a precise balance that makes the knife more comfortable to use.  It also helps make it more effortless to carve meat and poultry.

The Global Carving Knife’s molded dimpled handle also contributes to reducing the effort of carving.  The molded handle is especially nice for those with smaller hands, as it has a smaller circumference than most Western knives.  The dimples help prevent the knife from slipping in your had making it not only safer to use, but easier to cut accurately with, which is especially great when you want to carve thin slices.

The Global Carving Knife also has a seamless blade and handle design.  This makes the knife more hygienic by getting rid of the major food and dirt trap the blade and handle seam. It also helps make the knife lighter.

If you go with the traditional lightweight thin blade Global Carving Knife, there are a few different benefits than of you choose the heavyweight style.  For one, the thin blade can help preserve the integrity and flavor of what your cutting better, although with the cargo knife being mainly for cutting meat right before serving this might not really matter for some.  The lightweight style can also be easier to use and make carving more effortless as well as less tiring, which is great for when carving up meat for a big gathering.  Mostly, though it comes down to comfort, so if you like more heft to your knife by all means choose the heavyweight Global Carving knife.  You get to enjoy the other Global Knife benefits either way.