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Global Boning Knife Review

Even if you do not do a lot of deboning, the Global Boning Knife is a very useful knife to have, as it makes deboning so much easier.  Global Knives excellent edge retention make it even better for those that regularly debone meat.

Key Features of Global Boning Knife:

  • 6.25 inches in length
  • Lightweight and heavyweight styles
  • Flexible and stiff blade styles
  • Molded and dimpled handle
  • Seamless blade and handle design
  • Made with high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel

Global Boning Knife Review

While other kitchen knives can be quite versatile, the Global Boning Knife is a great much more suitable for the specific task of deboning various types of meat.  Since it is designed for the task of boning, it makes it can make any deboning kitchen task take less time and effort.  Depending on your preferences, you can get a lightweight Global Boning Knife with a flexible blade or a heavyweight Global Boning Knife with a stiff blade.

The flexible blade style Global Boning Knife is especially useful for those that want to reduce the effort involved in deboning fish, pork, or other meat.  For one, it is the traditional lightweight style that Global is known for, which makes it take less effort to handle.  Additionally, the flexible blade helps make it easier to navigate around joints and cut the meat off close to the bone.

While the heavyweight stiff blade Global Boning Knife may not seem as versatile, it is still a great boning knife and some will find it works better for their preferences.  The heavyweight style is especially good for those that prefer to feel the heft of the knife in their hand.  Some also find the stiff blade easier to control.

No matter what style of Global Boning Knife you choose, the sharp blade helps make it easier to debone meat.  The molded handle also help make the knives feel more like an extension of your hand by providing a secure grip with a finger notch.  The smaller than normal diameter of the handle makes it especially suitable for those with smaller hands.  The dimples on the handles also help provide a safe grip by reducing the chance of slippage, which is especially appreciated when deboning gets messy.

The seamless blade and handle design helps make the Global Boning Knife more sanitary.  For one, it helps reduce the major food and dirt trap made where blades and handles are connected.  Secondly, it makes it easier to clean the knife by being one seamless piece of stainless steel.  Another benefit of the seamless blade and handle design is that it eliminates the chance of ending up with a blade becoming loose in the handle, which can end up being quite dangerous.

All Global Boning Knives are made with high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel.  This combination helps make the knives retain their sharp edge longer.  This is great for those that do a lot of deboning, as the knife remains sharp and thus more effective longer before needing to be sharpened.