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Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife Review

The Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife is an optimal go-to knife for most kitchen cutting purposes.  The high quality Global Knife design makes it a very worthwhile investment for any kitchen, but even more so for those that do a lot of cooking.  The benefits include a design that makes it more effortless to cut and excellent edge retention that reduces how often you need to sharpen it.

Key Features of Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife

  • Lightweight thin blade
  • Superior hollow sand balance
  • Molded dimpled handle
  • Seamless blade and handle
  • Excellent edge retention
  • Resists staining

Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife Review

No matter how much kitchen cutting you do, it is nice to have a knife that is versatile and comfortable to use.  The Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife is not just a great go to knife for most kitchen cutting needs, but it is designed to be lightweight and has excellent balance and edge retention to make it seem like an extension of your hand.  The ease of cutting with the Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife is easy to become attached to whether you just occasionally cook at home or spend a lot of time in the kitchen regularly.

The Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife has a thin lightweight blade.   The thin blade makes it easier to handle.  Thus it is simpler to  accurately cut with this knife, which is especially useful when working with delicate ingredients.  Another benefit of the thin blade is that it helps preserve the integrity and flavor of the ingredients being cut.

The handle design contributes to the Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife’s easy and comfortable usability.  The handle is molded to provide a more natural grip.  The small circumference of the handle makes it especially suitable for those with smaller hands.

The hollow sand balance of the Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife handle is one of the biggest reasons the knife seems so effortless to use.  The sand balance provides excellent balance that helps making cutting even tough ingredients easier.  The balance also makes the nice easier to control.  This helps make the knife safer to use, especially with the dimples that help minimize slippage.

Those that are concerned about cleanliness will enjoy the seamless blade and handle design.  On many standard knives the seam where the blade and knife meet is a significant food and dirt trap.  By having a seamless design, the Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife eliminates the food and dirt trap problem, especially since as a whole it is much easier to clean.  Additionally, the seamless blade and handle design eliminates the potential safety issue of cutting with a knife that has a loose handle that sometimes happens with knives that are not seamless.

The Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife is made with a stainless steel blend of 18 percent chromium along with molybdenum and vanadium.  The chromium is what helps provide the superior edge retention Global Knives are known for.  This means you do not have to sharpen it as often as typical kitchen knives.  The molybdenum and vanadium help prevent staining, so you Global Knife continues to look great.