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Global Whetstone Review

Using a Global Whetstone is one of the best ways to sharpen a Global Knife.  You can also use a Global Whetstone on other knives, although since they are not made with excellent edge retention of a Global Knife you will probably have to sharpen it more regularly than a Global Knife. Types of Global […]

Global Chef’s Knife Review

For many a Global Chef’s Knife is considered the first knife to acquire for your kitchen knife collection.  This is because a Chef’s Knife is very versatile and if you are only going to have a few or even just one kitchen knife it can be efficiently used for pretty much all kitchen cutting.  Of […]

Global Vegetable Knife

A Global Vegetable Knife can be a versatile addition to your kitchen knife collection.  It is designed for accurately chopping vegetables, but it can also be useful for a variety of other ingredients.  The shorter 5.5 inch Global Vegetable Knife is especially useful for smaller kitchen cutting tasks for those that use a longer Chef’s […]

Global Cleaver Review

If you do any cutting of meat in cooking, then the Global Cleaver is a great addition to your kitchen knives.  It is definitely a must have for when you want to cut through bones and/or frozen meat. Key Features of Global Cleaver: 6.5 inch square blade Seamless bolster-free stainless steel design Lightweight Hollow sand-balanced […]

How to Sharpen Global Knives

One of the great things about Global Knives is that they stay sharper longer than traditional knives due to the blend of molybdenum and vanadium.  While they do not need to be sharpened often, they do still need to be occasionally sharpened to keep them working their best.  You can have them professionally sharpened, but […]

Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife Review

The Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife is an optimal go-to knife for most kitchen cutting purposes.  The high quality Global Knife design makes it a very worthwhile investment for any kitchen, but even more so for those that do a lot of cooking.  The benefits include a design that makes it more effortless to cut […]

Global G2 Review

The Global G2 Chef’s Knife is a great starter kitchen knife.  It’s 8-inch length makes it a versatile knife for a variety of kitchen cutting.  The well-known Global sharpness and edge retention also make it a great long lasting kitchen knife. Key Features of Global G2 Knife: Precise hollow handle sand balance Excellent edge retention […]

Global Santoku Knife Review

While most Global Knives are Eastern style with lighter blades and such, the Global Santoku Knifes are very Eastern as the Santoku knife style is very commonly used in Japanese cuisine.  A Global Santoku Knife is a great versatile kitchen knife with excellent balance, edge retention, and lightweight design. Global Santoku Knife Features: Thin lightweight […]

Global Knife Sets Review

Global Knife Sets are great high quality knives for any kitchen.  Even if you do not cook at home much, having sharp knives can make cooking more enjoyable or at least less frustrating.  Global Knife Sets are even more appreciated when you use knives frequently whether you just cook at home frequently or are a […]

Global Steak Knives Review

For some it may seem excessive to include high quality Global Steak Knives in their kitchen utensils, as cheaper serrated steak knives seem to work just fine.  However, for many once you enjoy the ease of cutting steak with a Global Steak Knife it quickly becomes clear that it is worth investing in Global Steak […]