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Global Knife Roll Review

A Global Knife Roll is a convenient way to store your kitchen knives, especially when taking them places. Key Features of a Global Knife Roll: 10 or 16 knife pocket designs Durable Pocket(s) to use for some other items Global Knife Roll Review Whether you want to transport your knives to cook at a friends […]

Global Sushi Knife Review

A Global Sushi Knife is ideal for cutting raw meat such as when preparing sushi whether you are doing it home or as a professional chef.  There are different Global Sushi Knife designs depending on knife length preference as well as for right and/or left handed users. Key Features of a Global Sushi Knife: Right […]

Global Carving Set Review

The Global Carving Set includes an carving knife as well as a carving fork.  There are two different sets available.  One has a straight carving fork and the other set has a curved carving fork.  Both come with similar sized Global Carving Knives (8 to 8.25 inches), so it mainly comes down to what style […]

Global Steak Knife Review

Global Knives are known for their from the factory sharpness and long lasting edge retention.  Since serrated steak knives are not exactly able to be sharpened, it is great to have these Global features with a Global Steak Knife. Key Features of a Global Steak Knife: 3.5 inch blade Serrated blade Excellent edge retention Molded […]

Global G2 Knives Review

The Global G2 knives are great for cutting and chopping a variety of foods making them good all purpose kitchen knives. Key Features of Global G2 Knives 8 inches in length Thin blades Lightweight Sand balanced Made with molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel Global G2 Knives Review Global G2 knives are 8-inch chef’s knives.  They are a […]

Global Cheese Knife Review

Whether your a cheese connoisseur or just occasionally slice cheese, a Global Cheese Knife can make cheese slicing easier.  It may seem any knife would be fine for slicing cheese, but a knife designed for slicing cheese can make a big difference in getting good slices, especially when cutting hard cheeses.  Plus, a Global Cheese […]

Global Boning Knife Review

Even if you do not do a lot of deboning, the Global Boning Knife is a very useful knife to have, as it makes deboning so much easier.  Global Knives excellent edge retention make it even better for those that regularly debone meat. Key Features of Global Boning Knife: 6.25 inches in length Lightweight and […]

Global Fillet Knife Review

For efficient filleting of fish and other meat, a Global Fillet Knife is a great knife to add to your knife collection.  The Global Fillet Knife comes in a 8 inch, 10 inch, and 11 inch flexible varieties. Key Features of Global Fillet Knives: 3 different length options Thin , lightweight, and flexible blade Sand […]

Global Carving Knife Review

If you want a good knife for carving meat, then a Global Carving Knife might be just what you want.  Global offers their Carving knives in their traditional Japanese style lightweight thin blade design as well as in a heavyweight version for those who prefer more hefty feeling knives.  Either way you go, you get […]

Global Knives vs. Ceramic Knives Review

Whether you are getting your first set of knives or looking to replacing your current set with a long lasting knife set, you may find yourself wondering why choose Global Knives vs. Ceramic Knives.  Both have certain pros and cons depending on your personal preferences, although they also have some things in common such as […]